Pretty Maids – Monsters of Rock Cruise 10-1-16 and 10-4-16


Pretty Maids were one of the rare treats of the Monsters of Rock Cruise. This was our first getting to see Ronnie AtkinsRene Shades, Ken Hammer and Allan Tschicaja perform live. Also, I was quite surprised to see Swedish sleaze metal guru Chris Laney playing keyboards with the band!

The biggest problem with seeing a band like Pretty Maids in the condensed atmosphere of a cruise ship is the bands only play one hour sets.  Considering the sheer volume of their catalog, you are always going to feel like you missed something.

Having listened to the band for over 30 years, it was great to get the opportunity to see and hear Ronnie Atkins in concert for the first time.  Shows like this are what make the Monsters of Rock Cruise worth the money to attend.


Combined Set List Between Both Shows:

Mother of All Lies
Face the World
Yellow Rain
Back to Back
Little Drops of Heaven
Future World
Please Don’t Leave Me
Love Games
Red, Hot and Heavy