Rokisland – Thursday – 1/18/2024

Still feeling the effects of the first full day, I decided to take it a bit easier on myself and start at the All-Star Jam which was hosted by Paralandra after their private VIP party on the pier while Gavin Evick, Kamenar, and That Arena Rock Show offered an encore at Smokin’ Tuna and The Durtbags performed on a live music sailing.

Paralandra brought in a full list of special guests who joined frontwoman Casandra Carson, guitarist Paul Carson, drummer Dakota Watson and bassist Sawyer Rikard.  Dakota held down the rhythm as Devon Marie of Rubix Cube fronted the band for a bit to rock the pier in a daring gold bikini. It was so fun to see her jamming with her bandmates PJ Farley on bass and Steve Brown on guitar, who were performing at the festival as two-thirds of Trixter Acoustic.

Then rest of the Paralandra band returned with special guest Age Sten Grande-Nielsen from Wig Wam who hit the stage in cut-off camo shorts and comically invited nearby boats and tiki huts to join the party! Such a blast watching everyone soaking in the sun and singing along to a party playlist delivered live by such talented performers while grabbing some fresh mahi-mahi at an umbrella table with new festival friends.

Soon after we made our way to the amphitheater to see our friends from Enuff Z’Nuff open the evening, but not without a stop at The Bakery for some of their amazing Key Lime ice cream.  Frontman and founder Chip Z’Nuff is joined by bandmates Tory Stoffregen and Jason K. Herman on guitar along with the newest addition to the Enuff Z’Nuff family, Joe Corson on drums.  Joe tells us he’s know Chip most of his life and was exited about the opportunity after longtime drummer Daniel B. Hill parted ways to work on his own projects and they certainly threw Joe into the deep with Rokisland at the top of his itinerary (come to think of it, didn’t they do the same thing when Jason joined the band last year?).

Enuff Z’Nuff is the only band to join the Rokisland roster at the Amphitheater all three years, and as such their frontman has sort of taken on the honorary role as mayor of Key West. During the event, Chip could be found supporting other acts at the historic theater and on the pier and greeting fans around the festival and at the merch stand.  I’d be surprised if anyone reading this didn’t see Chip last week.  Chip’s time with his fans matches the amount of handshakes that Bret Michaels offers up during his show (and if you were there, you know that’s saying a lot).

So, in addition to rocking through a set of Enuff Z’Nuff favorites like “Baby Loves You” and “In the Groove” and of course “Fly High Michelle” and “New Thing,” the band also performed a Beatles show featuring their Hardrock Nite album.  We got a little glimpse of that material during this set as well with “Jet” and a finale of “A Little Help from My Friends.”

I’m not sure why but kept slipping my mind that L.A. Guns was part of the festival, perhaps it is the fact that I’m so looking forward to their tour with KK’s Priest in March or maybe it’s the history of challenges Tracii Guns has faced performing in the heat.  Whatever the reason, I surely won’t forget about them after their smoking performance. 

It’s always stellar when the L.A. Guns duo of Philip Lewis and Tracii Guns is intact, but this line-up with Ace Von Johnson on guitar, Johnny Martin on bass, and Shawn Duncan on drums kicks @ss every time.  We heard that Tracii got a new guitar for his birthday and it was very clear that he was enjoying testing its limits.  And, we were enjoying the ‘shred’ show. He tore the roof off that amphitheater from the moment he started playing along in the shadows to the track of “Diary of a Madman” that introduced the band’s set.  Then, the band’s rhythm section of Johnny and Shawn hammered hard with a newer cut “Cannonball” before the high-octane guitars and vocals brought us to our knees with the fan favorite “Electric Gypsy.”

It was one of those moments when I really wanted to put down the camera and just sing along, but then I wouldn’t have caught those expressive faces that Phil is great for or Ace blowing bubbles with his gum.


From glam to sleaze to classic rock, we welcomed a slower from Don Felder having never had the opportunity to see him play guitar for The Eagles, who are without question, one of the most influential rock groups of all time.  We didn’t get an opportunity to meet Don and his touring band, but are told that the line-up can vary from show to show and that it has even included Jarred Pope from the Tom Keifer camp.

To be honest, this was my first introduction to Don Felder in a live setting, and I don’t know much about his history with The Eagles given that Hotel California was released the year I was born. But, I do know every word to that title track, and found myself swaying to the melodies of his clean, classic delivery the entire set as a noteworthy audience of my musician friends hung on his every note from the side of the stage.

At Rokisland, Don was joined by Jeff Coffey (formerly of Chicago) on bass, Seth Rausch (Keith Urban) on drums, Peter Dyer (Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert) on keyboard, and Ben Mauro (Cher, Lionel Richie) on guitar.  It might take a moment, but try to digest how talented that arena-quality supporting ensemble for Don “Fingers” Felder must be to earn those gigs!

Don walked us through his arsenal of riffs and memorable melodies in a set that featured classics from The Eagles and his own work as a touring and recording solo artist, including cuts from list latest of three solo albums, American Rock ’N’ Roll (BMG) which was released back in 2019.

Much respect to this longstanding member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, having spent 27 years with The Eagles, who have sold over 150 million albums worldwide. From “One of These Nights” to “Tequila Sunrise” to “Witchy Woman,” there is no question why Don Felder is such a force to be reckoned with all these years later.


Much to our delight, the frontman of blues rock heavyweights Cinderella closed out the evening with his solo band. Tom Keifer and his band have released  two critically acclaimed solo albums, The Way Life Goes and it’s follow-up Rise. The#keiferband members include Tom Keifer (guitar, vocals, piano), Tony Higbee (guitar), Billy Mercer (bass), Jarred Pope (drums), Kory Myers (keyboards), Savannah Keifer and Tanya Davis (vocals and percussion).

It is no secret that Tom Keifer is one of my all-time favorite artists, and I’ve got to tell you that I’ve missed this band, having last caught them a long six months ago on the Live/Loud Tour. But, I’ll try not to complain because that did leave time for guitarist Tony Higbee and drummer Jarred Pope to hit the road with Damon Johnson and Glenn Maxey of Brother Cane for a phenomenal tour with Orianthi and Stone Horses.

Coming back better than every following vocal surgery and the end of Cinderella, Tom Keifer is resilient as a constant force in the touring industry as he leaves nothing in his tank when her performs on stage, and this show was no exception.  Dripping with sweat and screaming his heart out, Tom Keifer tore through a set of Cinderella and solo band favorites ncluded favorites like the sexy “Hot & Bothered,” the uplifting “Coming Home,” and the new(er) “Solid Ground” until the lights went out.


We left the amphitheater for the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in hopes of seeing Wig Wam after much uncertainty throughout the day, but the shows overlapped and we didn’t catch as much of the set as we’d have liked given the high praise coming from fan reports as we walked over.

Frontman Age Sten Grande-Nielsen found himself performing to tracks as a on-man band for most of the set after bassist Bernt Jansen joined him early on for a few Wig Wam songs.  Their guitarist and drummer were unfortunately under the weather and unable to perform during the remainder of the festival.  But that didn’t stop Wig Wam from putting on one hell of a performance. In fact, Age could be found dripping with sweat, running through the crowd and signing Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” in my live feed video with the showmanship and charisma he is known for.

More Rokisland fun is on the way with a day three recap in the works. If you haven’t already, check out our Kick-Off party coverage and coverage from the first day of the festival here.

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Coverage by Editor and founder Kara Marie Uhrlen on 1/27/2024.  All event photos by Kara Uhrlen and The Pure Rock Shop.