Steel Panther Cleveland House of Blues 11-30-16

Warning, no safe rooms here!  Reminiscent of an era when spandex wasn’t just for Spanx and Aquanaut didn’t have an environmental warning, Steel Panther delivers over the top original songs that pay homage to the rock n’ roll anthems, power ballads, and cigarette-lighter love songs of those days gone by with lyrics that easily would have found a home on Tipper’s “Filthy Fifteen” (an accomplishment I’m guessing these guys would honor more than a Grammy) and a stage show that tosses political correctness out the window and throws away the key.
For those who do remember what life was like before “grunge” bands made it cool to be fat, sloppy, and downright ugly, Steel Panther gives us a reason to bring out the leather and put on make-up again (and a few lucky girls may even earn a spot on stage).  While you may not be singing their songs around the family dinner table, you will appreciate the great hooks and catchy melodies that whisper Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and Poison to the trained “melodic metal” ear.

steel panther

If you have the opportunity to catch them live, you will appreciate the on-stage banter between lead vocalist “Michael Starr” and guitarist “Satchel” who drawn in the crowd with their witty charm and crude but comical banter while bassist “Lexxi” fixes his hair and make-up.  Not to mention choreography that would make KISS proud, and a guitar/kinda drum solo from “Satchel” that takes you way back to basics with notes from the Sound of Music’s “Do Re Mi” that clearly shows these guys will do anything for a laugh!

steel panther drummer


The Pure Rock Shop has been following the evolution of Steel Panther since the comedic debut of band members in the 2001 Discover Card commercial that poked fun at a failed “hair” band. But now, over 15 years later, Michael, Satchel, Lexxi, and Stix, have clearly gotten the last laugh, packing shows around the globe.  So put on your lipstick and eyeliner guys and girls and “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World” with Steel Panther.