Chuck Billy of Testament Preaches the Brotherhood of the Snake


Chuck Billy of Testament recently joined The Pure Rock Shop Radio Show to discuss their latest album “Brotherhood of the Snake” which was recently released on Nuclear Blast Records.

During our exclusive interview, Chuck talks about the difficulties that went into making their new album, “Brotherhood of the Snake”, and how the tension in the creative process reflects in a much more aggressive Testament album than we heard on the past several releases.

Chuck talks about touring (starting in Europe with Amon Amarth) and being on the road for the next 18 months.  Chuck also shares his experiences with trying to convince his bandmates to play on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise.

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“Brotherhood of the Snake” tracklist:

01. Brotherhood Of The Snake
02. The Pale King
03. Stronghold
04. Seven Seals
05. Born In A Rut
06. Centuries Of Suffering
07. Neptune’s Spear
08. Black Jack
09. Canna-Business
10. The Number Game

Testament is:

Chuck Billy, vocals
Eric Peterson, guitars
Alex Skolnick, lead guitar
Steve DiGiorgio, bass
Gene Hoglan, drums

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