Doro Pesch Interview

Bringing to the helm a variety of metal influences, Doro Pesch sites bands like Judas Priest and Saxon as her favorites early on in her career, and interestingly also points out a love for musicians with a straighter edge like Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin, who she had listened to as a child. Though it was not her first band, she says that things really started rolling for her when she joined Warlock, because the band seemed to “hit a nerve,” bringing her a following both in Europe and in the United States and of course, laying the groundwork for a solo career.

Throughout that career, Pesch has developed a lengthy portfolio of albums, which show the diversity of her influences. For instance, she says, “In 1995 when we did Machine II Machine, I totally loved industrial, but I’m not so much into it anymore…but I changed again and I like more of the natural high energy power songs…” She explained that since she loves it all, she has covered a wide spectrum of high-energy rock with her latest release.

For those who have yet to hear the release, she has included a great representation of that album in her live set list. Some of the material from her Calling the Wild… album includes a cover of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding,” a track that first surfaced on Love Me in Black, a European release, a definite high-energy rocker called “Kiss me Like a Cobra,” and the emotional and very personal track called “I Give my Blood (Dedication).”

As a musical artist, Pesch’s career has given her the opportunity to work with a diverse group of talented people whom she greatly admires. Near the top of that list is Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, who she refers to as a “beautiful human being.” She sites him as one of the greats, and says that it was an honor to work with him. Pesch has also come across some unexpected opportunities, like recording a track with Al Pitrelli, who had been on the road with Savatage at the time. After meeting up after a Savatage performance, the two decided to record “I Give my Blood” the next morning. She says it was “never planned out” but “it was meant to be.”

And she also had the chance to work with guitar great Bob Kulick, who she describes as being “a tremendous guitar player, very sweet person, and a greater producer too.” While his abilities on guitar may be overshadowed by his brother’s success, Pesch says that when Kulick played “Love You Forever” she was blown away by his talent, especially since he first approached the solo with an electric guitar, but later picked up an acoustic because it didn’t feel quite right…She says, when he played it again, everybody’s jaws dropped.

When we spoke to Pesch about her core band that joins her on the road, she quickly noted how resourceful her drummer Johnny Dee is by stating, “I think Johnny is doing a hell of a job.”

She also recalled the history behind the selection of her bass player Nick Douglas. He has been with her since they held auditions for bass players in New York City almost eleven years ago, and she says that she picked him out right from the start. Her lead guitarist who explodes with energy on stage is Joe Taylor and has been with her close to a decade, since around 1993.

Pesch has already written a couple of songs for her next effort, and plans to go back into the studio after making a few more US appearances in June and July and performing during the European Festival season in September. Last summer, her band performed at the Wacken Open Air festival in her native Germany, and is likely to do a few similar performances this year, though no dates are confirmed. There are also tentative plans for a live release. She has already filmed two videos for her current release, both for “White Wedding.” A US version was shot in Boston and a European version was shot in England.