Jizzy Pearl – Vegas Must Die!

Jizzy Pearl known best for his jaunt as the lead vocalist for Love/Hate (and outrageous publicity stunts like tying himself to the Hollywood sign or more recently setting up Web cams in his apartment) has just released his sophomore solo album Vegas Must Die as a follow-up to Just a Boy, which was release last year.

Fueled by a relationship gone sour, Pearl spent a couple weeks writing the lyrics and music to the eleven-song album.  And while what happens in Vegas, usually stays in Vegas, this album is testament to the fact that that isn’t always the case…

“A relationship that went sour, hence the title.  Well it was a place where we were going to meet and it didn’t work out.  A lot of these songs are written about that relationship and its subsequent end.  So as cliché as it sounds, I guess the songs are written in that fashion,” Pearl explains in angst.

When things didn’t work out for Adler’s Appetite at Shrapnel Records, they suggested that he release the songs himself, and this ideal mix of old school glam, punk, and rock with a noteworthy, mature edge soon became Vegas Must Die!

“The guy at the label liked my music and said ‘why don’t you just do a record with me’.”

Adding a cleaner more mature edge to the release was former Great White guitarist/keyboardist Michael Lardie, who is known for his studio work as well as his stage performances.

Pearl says, “The label guy introduced me to him.  I’d known him, knew what he did, but it was good for me because he’s a good engineer and it really helped a lot with the record and you know, very professional, nice guy, makes good coffee (laughs).”

The band for the album also features former Salty Dog guitarist Pete Reveen, as well as Mark Dutton on bass, and Dave Moreno on drums, all of which were hired guns for the release.