Apocalyptic Lovers’ Michael-Wagener-mixed album, Redemption Vol I. to released on vinyl with your help!

Fans can assist their Apocalyptic Lovers in getting the Michael-Wagener-mixed album, Redemption Vol I. released for the first time on vinyl.

The band has a limited number of days to obtain 100 orders, and if that goal is reached, the vinyl version of Redemption Vol I. will ship to doorsteps worldwide!

As of  today, the band is over half way there needing just 35 orders by May, 23rd! Fans needing the direct link to the vinyl store can go here.  All orders must be made on or before May 23rd for the pressing to launch.

The first 100 orders will be numbered and also include several nice incentives: a thank you in print in the album liner notes, an exclusive, autographed photo and custom, Apocalyptic Lovers guitar pick.

While links will be shared on social media, fans can go to one central location to purchase the vinyl version of their album via www.apocalypticlovers.com.

Founding members of the band, David Hope and Mike Nagy along with Robert Kaneand Sean Magee, ask friends, family members, and fans to please share this info far and wide to help make their bucket list item of Redemption Vol I on vinyl a reality.

Legendary producer, Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper, Extreme, White Lion, et al.) mixed Redemption Vol. I at his Wireworld Studio in Nashville. On vinyl, Redemption Vol. I is sure to become an instant classic with fans of arena rock and 80’s hair metal. Head to the band’s website now to place your order before its too late!