Guitar Virtuoso Jason Becker Creates New Music

Jason Becker

Jason Becker is one of the world’s most precious talents and true warriors. Becker has written a full album of amazing music to be performed and recorded by many of his peers. This album will comprise of a few compositions that have been waiting for this moment to be recorded, to many new pieces recently written – To accomplish this, he needs your support! Be a part of this album!

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Becker is giving out some the most kick-ass perks from T-shorts, signed CD’s, a signed guitar from Joe Bonamassa, to your name credited on the album.

Becker is considered a virtuoso guitarist and one of the top players of his time. He studied the works of violinist Niccolò Paganini and rearranged Paganini’s 5th Caprice, which Becker then performed this masterpiece during an instructional guitar video. Becker’s compositions often include high speed scalar and arpeggio passages—trademarks of his shred style of guitar playing.

“I was just a teenager when I met Jason Becker for the first time. I was immediately blown away, not only his musicality but by his creative spirit as well. Beyond brilliant guitar playing, what Jason Becker has demonstrated throughout his journey is that a truly creative mind has no boundaries or limitations.” – Richie Kotzen ~ The Winery Dogs

Jason Becker began his career as a Shrapnel recording artist by joining forces with guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman to form seminal progressive metal pioneers, “Cacophony.” Amassing worldwide acclaim as a guitar virtuoso, Becker came to the attention of David Lee Roth who he later joined and recorded one album with him, A Little Ain’t Enough. Becker’s performing career was cut short by Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In 1996, Becker lost the ability to speak, and he now communicates with his eyes via a system developed by his father.

Guest performances on the album will include: Joe Satriani, Trevor Rabin, Marty Friedman, neal Schon, Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, Richie Kotzen, Michael Lee Firkins, Steve Lukather, Gus G., Guthrie Govan, Chris Broderick, Uli John Roth and Many More!

This project is exactly the kind of record that the Jason Becker fans have been waiting for. Now YOU can be a part of his new project with just one click!

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