Mick Mars Singer Brion Gamboa Premiers New Band, Debut Single/Video

BREATH OF ASHES (B.O.A.) was founded in late 2023 by Singer and Lead Guitarist Brion Gamboa, best known for his vocals on The Other Side Of Mars. This marked the first solo album by Mick Mars (Motley Crue) and was released on February 23rd of 2024. Gamboa can be heard on the 3rd single “Undone” and “Killing Breed.”

Although newly formed, B.O.A. is composed of four seasoned and accomplished musicians whose names are already familiar to most: Brion Gamboa (MICK MARS, Hollywood Blvd), Martin Motnik (ACCEPT), Chase Lacombe (Kerosene Shores) and MAXX BLOIS-ROSETTI (Pretty Tied Up).

This collaboration has created an energetic “super-group” of sorts that delivers a melodically dynamic but heavy band, easily crossing genres from Nu-Metal to mainstream Hard Rock.

One June 22, the band released the premier single “Soul Divide,” which is the first of ten tracks to be included on B.O.A.’s debut album Unconstricted. Slated to be released in the spring of 2025, the record is packed full of hard-hitting grooves, ethereal melodies and chunky hooks atop a bed of deep and meaningful lyrics.

View the Video: https://youtu.be/uJmzMg7KhQ8?si=Wp1_0VoTqrmrV9nq

This powerful high energy song is accompanied by a ‘Cinematic’ style music video with an epic twist. Closely mirroring the lyrics of the song, the film grants us a birds-eye view into our villainous lead character’s journey of choice, redemption and eventual escape. Is it possible to eradicate the soul from a lifetime of darkness in one night?

“The song just has too much story for a basic video. It needed a movie! So that’s what we did.” Explained Gamboa. “It was a bit ambitious but in the end, well worth the work”.

BRION GAMBOA (Lead Vocal, Guitars) Brion Gamboa is an American born Songwriter, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer. Son of Richard Gamboa, Drummer of the popular 60’s band The Keymen, Brion was writing and playing at a very young age. While still a teen, his band Third Mist amazed an audience of millions, catapulting them to a Semi-finalist position, on the internationally syndicated television show “Star Search” in the early 90’s. Gamboa would go on to perform in several musically diverse bands including Dark Ages, Myriad, On Tracy Lane and Hollywood Blvd.

Besides gracing audiences as a formidable front man and lead guitarist, Brion has also spent years behind the scenes as a powerhouse writer, engineer and producer for a myriad of artists; and has owned/operated Sound Mission Studios since the early 2000’s. Logging an impressive catalog of tracks for albums and television, Gamboa has spread his irrevocable talent throughout the music world and has collected several awards along the way.

On January 25th, 2024 Gamboa’s voice was heard around the world on “Undone”, the third released single by Mick Mars. Appearing on 2 tracks on the album “The Other Side Of Mars”, Brion worked alongside such icons as Paul Taylor (Winger, Alice Cooper), Ray Luzier (Korn, DLR, KXM), Jacob Bunton (Adler, Lynam, Mars Electric), Chris Collier and legendary Rock Producer Michael Wagener.

MARTIN MOTNIK (Bass, BGV) Martin Motnik: A German-born bassist and studio musician, Martin Motnik has made his mark in the music world. Best known as the bassist for the legendary heavy metal band Accept, he brings thunderous low frequencies to their iconic sound.

But that’s not all. Martin’s solo journey has been equally impressive. He’s released two solo albums, each a testament to his virtuosity. These albums feature an all-star lineup of guest musicians, including Joe Satriani, Bruce Kulick, Frank Gambale, Jennifer Batten, and the incomparable Gregg Bissonette.

As a versatile studio musician, Martin’s bass lines resonate on over 1,000 recordings. Collaborating with session icons like Don Randi, Hal Blaine, Michael Landau, Chad Wackerman, Kenny Aronoff, and Marco Minnemann, he’s left an indelible mark on the music industry.

His bass grooves are the heartbeat of countless tracks, captivating listeners worldwide. But Martin doesn’t just thrive in the studio. He’s taken his talent to the stage, performing in over 5,000 live concerts across five continents. From intimate venues to massive arenas, his basslines have reverberated through the hearts of fans everywhere.

CHASE LACOMBE (DRUMS, BGV) Chase Lacombe is an American musician and drummer best known for performing with Kerosene Shores since 2023. Born and raised in Texas, he began playing drums at age 13 and became involved in his high school drum line. This quickly led to several original and cover bands, performing in the area. Several venues would regularly deny him entry until it was his time to perform due to his young age.

After graduating Lacombe studied music at San Jacinto College, majoring in Audio Engineering under the acclaimed engineer/producer Les Williams. On October 20, 2004 while attending a Green Day performance at Reliant Stadium during the American Idiot tour, Chase was invited onstage to take over on drums for Tre’ Cool by Billie Joe Armstrong to perform several pieces with the band. It would be an event that inspired and largely shaped his life. You can feel that excitement and energy to this day at all of his performances.

Growing up, Chase played gospel at multiple churches several days a week, notably with the christian artist Chris Allen. Chase farther honed his skills in large-ensemble performance under the guidance of Musical Director/Conductor Michael Douglas. Chase quickly made a home in the Houston music scene until 2012, when he put his music career on hold to serve his country, enlisting in the United States Navy. Serving as a Mass Communication Specialist and reaching the rank of Petty Officer Second Class (E5), Chase served two deployments the middle east and South America.

In 2021 Chase joined the Houston-based nu-metal band Saturate and recorded the EP “Feed the Fire”, Saturates 5th studio release. After disbanding Chase joined Kerosene Shores quickly supporting acts like Drowning Pool, Saliva, OnOff, Smile Empty Soul and many more. In 2023, Chase was awarded runner-up for Houston’s Drummer of the Year award at the annual S.L.M. awards. In Spring of 2024, Kerosene Shores recorded the single “Fever Dream” with producers Robbie Joyner and Richard Wicander (Fire From The Gods).

MAXX BLOIS-ROSETTI (GUITARS,BGV) Maxx Blois-Rosetti is an American guitarist/musician based in Nashville, TN. Maxx is well known for his role in the band Pretty Tied Up and his infamous virtuoso guitar reels on YouTube and instagram. Rosetti started playing guitar at the young age of 7 and throughout the years has become one of the most exciting and accomplished players specializing in rock and fusion.

Aside from performing with a plethora of artists and bands, Maxx has gained accolades from highly respected and well known guitarists including Tom Quayle, Jack Gardiner, Brian Maillard, and Rich Henshall (Haken). Rosetti won 1st place in the Jamtrack Central Jam of the Month solo contest in August 2021 (judge Brian Maillard) and then again in April 2023 (judge Jack Gardiner). Maxx was also featured in the Jared Dines Shred Collab 6.

As both an avid live performer and session studio player, Rosetti can play through the gamete of any style or genre with ease and accuracy. From slow melodies to chicken’ picken’ to the lightning fast shredding and heavy crunch of metal, Maxx will blow your mind every time.

Website: www.breathofashes.com

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/b.o.a.musicofficial

FB: www.facebook.com/breathofashes

IG: https://instagram.com/b.o.a.musicofficial

News posted on 6/25/2024 by Kara Uhrlen for The Pure Rock Shop.

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