Reb Beach Releases “A View From the Inside”

It’s always surprised me how we’ve covered this guy playing with everyone from Winger to Alice Cooper and Dokken to Night Ranger and of course Whitesnake … But, have never caught up for an official interview with local guitarist Reb Beach …. until now.

His new solo album A View From the Inside drops next month with a return to instrumentals like the opening track “Black Magic” which some may recall was originally recorded over thirty years ago.  New and improved and definitely worth checking out along with other cuts that show a fusion focus that Reb says he’d shopped around back when Winger initially called it quits. Fans will find that the new release is in great contrast to his first solo album Masquerade, where he had the challenge of also singing and writing lyrics.

Listen in to the full interview as we talk about influences, revisit Reb’s experience jamming with his own guitar hero Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs, learn why Reb has been flying back and forth to Nashville during the pandemic, and enjoy his impression of former Dokken and current Black Swan supergroup bandmate Jeff Pilson.

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