Acid Rain – War In The Sky

Acid Rain – War In The Sky

3 songs of epic Greek metal that time in at over 20 minutes, Acid Rain shoots for the heart of those who play false metal with War In The Sky.  Influences seem to come from the likes of Manilla Road, Domine and early Manowar with slight hints of Black Sabbath type doom at times.  The production is raw and sounds like it was recorded circa 1984, which adds to the charm.

Musically, the sound could stand to be a touch thicker on the guitars and the drums a bit more sonic but I would imagine Acid Rain is at the mercy of their own personal recording budget so I am sure they are well aware of these issues.  Vocally, Antonis Koumiotis sounds like he comes from the more rugged school of singing which fits into the War In The Sky perfectly.  Overall, if you are a fan of epic metal, Acid Rain is well worth checking out, these demos someday many very well be treasures for true metal collectors.

Track Listing:

01. War in the Sky

02. Revenge

03. The Time has Come