Aftershok – Burning Chrome

Aftershok – Burning Chrome

I recently picked up the 2nd release by Aftershok titled “Burning Chrome” after a day of listening to mediocre progressive metal releases in my car trying to figure out which band was which.  However, as expected, there was no mistaking what I soon was to unwrap; traditional American metal without any frills or gimmicks, just confident vocals, guitar playing with actual melodic riffs and solos and a steady backend.  The album is rather tough for me to review since this particular style of metal fits my personal tastes to a tee.

If you are not familiar with Aftershok, favorable comparatives would be bands such as Leatherwolf, Fifth Angel and Damien.  Folks that are familiar with vocalist Vic Hix’s previous band Shok Paris will immensely enjoy this release.  From the lead track “Sons Of Thunder” to the closer “Edge Of Tomorrow”, Aftershok maintains their stance for true classic metal.


Vic Hix – Vocals

George Mihalovich Guitars

Nick G – Bass

George B – Drums

Track Listing:

Sons Of Thunder

Burning Chrome

Against The Rage

Dream Maker

Livin’ On The Redline

When Comes The Rain


Do You Believe?

Bombs Away!

The Gathering

Edge Of Tomorrow