Aftershok – Unfinished Business

Aftershok – Unfinished Business

American heavy metal in recent times has more to do with sub genres than with no frills, loud guitars and a screaming vocalist.  Rising from the ashes of the mighty Shok Paris, Vic Hix returns with Aftershok, a new band/lineup with a same straight ahead heavy metal style.  “Unfinished Business” consists of 10 tracks and there is not a single mediocre track on the disc which clocks in at around 45 minutes in length.

” Armed And Dangerous” owes a nod or two to “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot.  Hix’s vocals sound as distinctive and as powerful as they did over a decade ago.  “War Machine” is a plodding rocker with a deliberate beat and delivery.  The intro to “Beware Of The Night” recalls Fifth Angel’s “Midnight Love” and features some very serious soloing.  Guitarist George Mihalovich plays lightning-charged solos and memorable licks that ingrain most of the tracks on the CD into your head after one or two listens.  “Remember” is a slightly slower song in the Saxon tradition.  The track “Broken Wings” will be most appealing to fans of early Savatage.

” Unfinished Business” features a very bare bones, stripped down approach and lacks any studio trickery that makes bands sound bigger than they can ever hope to be on stage.  In a live setting Aftershok comes off extremely heavy yet still maintaining their keen sense of melody.  The fact that Hix can deliver vocally live on a higher plane than many of his contemporaries gives Aftershok a definite edge over other bands searching for a deal on a metal label.  Coupled with the fact Mihalovich is a very talented metal guitarist, I believe their next release will find a home on a major metal label in the USA or overseas.

Armed And Dangerous

War Machine

Beware Of The Night


Goin’ My Way

Bad Moon

Armageddon Rocks

Yesterday’s Gone

Broken Wings

All The Way