Alliance – In Control

Alliance – In Control

”In Control” is a 3 track independent power metal CD from Finland’s Alliance. The band is currently in search of a recording deal and this release should only further enhance the possibilities of being signed. The CD packaging has a simple but professional look. No space is wasted with abstract artistic designs. The production done by the band on these 3 tracks is very good and nobody is lost in the mix.

”When It Is Over” is straight ahead power metal track in the vein of Obsession or Riot. The song sticks in your head after first listen. ”Better Way” is a mid-tempo track that features guitar riffs and a tasteful guitar solo by Anssi Nummi. The third track “In Control” is similar to Queensryche’s “Queen Of The Reich” era.

Atro Tossavainen’s vocals are very clean and are comparable to Mike Vescera (Obsession, Loudness, Malmsteen).

Alliance’s “In Control” is recommended for fans of mid 1980’s power metal who likes their guitars sharp and to the point without running of scales for flash over substance.


Atro Tossavainen – Vocals & Bass

Anssi Nummi – Guitar

Juri Vuortama – Guitar

Samuli Hakkila – Drums