Angel Blake – Angel Blake

Angel Blake

Marko Tervonen’s split from the Crown has resulted in the formation of Angel Blake.  While I always found the Crown to be musically excellent, the extreme vocals made listening to their material a challenge.

The Slayeresque riffs remain but, more importantly, the vocals of Tony Jelencovich are of the clean variety which instantly adds much more appeal to the Angel Blake release.  Musically, the songs are typically of mid-paced variety (ala “Seasons In The Abyss”) and have moments of Danzig mixed with Slayer.

Angel Blake puts a rather interesting twist on the Rolling Stones “Paint It Black” and definitely make the song work for them within the context of their material.

While Angel Blake seemingly does not break any new ground, they still offer a most impressive solid debut release for fans of no-nonsense heavy metal.

Tony Jelencovich – Vocals
Marko Tervonen – Guitars
Janne Saarenpää – Drums
Örjan Wressel – Contrabass
Christian Älvestam – Guitars

Track Listing:
1. Force
2. Retaliate
3. Lycanthrope
4. Self-terminate
5. Solitude, my friend
6. Autumnal
7. The Forsaken
8. Thousand Storms
9. Paint it black
10. …´til the end