Canada is the place to look these days for killer underground heavy metal bands.

Axxion is a 4-piece from Toronto, and their debut EP is one punishing slab of traditional heavy metal.

Now many bands claim to be followers of traditional heavy metal but play a style that is miles away.  Axxion can claim influences from Tokyo Blade to Black Axe, whose song, “Highway Rider”, they cover on the vinyl version of the EP.

“The Rite” sounds like a track coming straight of 1983 with the high screams and gang background vocals.

You would swear “Stallion” was a long lost track from “Look Out For The Night” by Axtion.  D.D. Kerr sounds like a dead ringer for Axtion’s Randy Amos.

Drummer Alison Thunderland, formerly of Skull Fist, is the highlight of “Savage Avenger” playing some very impressive and intricate patterns.

The closing track on the CD version, “Crazy Nights”, is a good time, Friday night party song.

If you are looking for deep lyrical meaning and metaphors, this isn’t the album for you.  However, if you are tired of over-compressed albums and prefer your metal with major respect to the godfather’s of traditional metal, Axxion is well worth checking out.