Azrael’s Bane – Wings Of Innocence

Azrael’s Bane is pure metallic bliss for fans of Fifth Angel, Crimson Glory, Hittman, Leatherwolf, etc on their release “Wings Of Innocence”.  Steeped in traditional American metal, Azrael’s Bane delivers a heavy, melodic, harmonious release.

Lead song “Shine” contains flashy guitars, splendid harmonies ala TNT and most importantly a strong melody line.  Innocence takes a heavier path while still maintaining the band’s stronger points.  “Rainbow’s Edge” sounds like it could have come from Queensryche’s “Empire” sessions.  The Fifth Angel comparative is most apparent on “Chasing a Memory”.

Hints of mid-period Fates Warning can be found in the tracks as well as vocalist Trey Gadler  has a voice that occasionally recalls Ray Alder with hints of Geoff Tate.

The band themselves point to influences such as Lillian Axe, Iron Maiden and Queensryche, all of which are fine examples to drawn from.  The fondness of Lillian Axe is most notable in their use of harmonies on the choruses especially on the track “Silence”.