Black N Blue on the Monsters of Rock Cruise


Black ‘N Blue were once again a welcome “Sight for Sore Eyes” (and ears!) on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. The ever-smiling Jamie St. James, Young and Pete Holmes make up the original members of the group alongside newer members Shawn Sonnenschein and Brandon Cook. I just gotta keep reminding them that “Nature of the Beach” (the other “Summertime Girls”) fits the cruises perfectly! We heard it once on Coco Cay, let’s hear it again!



Great Guns of Fire
Chains Around Heaven
Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Does She or Doesn’t She
Nasty Nasty
The Snake
Heat It Up! Burn It Out!
Miss Mystery
Live It Up
Kiss of Death
Wicked Bitch
School of Hard Knocks
Hold on to 18