Black Steel – Relentless Force

Black Steel – Relentless Force

Australia’s finest power metal band Black Steel returns with a 3 song teaser in advance of their new CD “Hellhammer” due out later this year.

A word that gets thrown around rather liberally at times is epic metal. Within this release, a more accurate description would be hard to find. “Relentless Force” has all the makings of a straight-ahead Manowar anthem. Strong vocals that are confident as opposed to over the top emotional, crunching guitars, and a steady as can be back end from the bass and drums.

“Emerald” sounds as if it has been transformed into an Iron Maiden meets Artch epic. Phil Lynott would have been proud to hear such a majestic cover of this timeless composition.

I particularly enjoy and respect bands that pay tribute to Saxon, a band that I feel has never truly received their just due in the metal and mainstream media. Black Steel’s cover of “Power And The Glory” pays proper homage to Biff and company with an honest cover that stays true to the original.

If this 3-song CD single (which is available for sale at the Black Steel homepage listed below) is any indication, “Hellhammer” should be one awe-inspiring release.

Track Listing:
Relentless Force
Emerald (Thin Lizzy Cover)
Power And The Glory (Saxon Cover)