Blaze – As Live As It Gets

Blaze – As Live As It Gets

“As Live As It Gets” is a live 2 CD set that covers Blaze Bayley’s first 2 solo CD’s (“Silicon Messiah” and “Tenth Dimension”) as well as tracks from his time in Iron Maiden and unfortunately only one Wolfsbane track. The songs were recorded in Switzerland and England on the bands “Tenth Dimension Tour”.

Blaze really hits full stride on “Identity” and “Born As A Stranger”. Also, it is good to hear the Wolfsbane track “Steel”. Even though, I would have liked to have heard “I Like It Hot” and “Manhunt”, this live set has a much more serious, heavy tone to it. The high point of this release are the bands interepretations of “Virus” (a non-album Iron Maiden track), “Two Worlds Collide”, the epic “Sign Of The Cross” and Bayley’s signature Iron Maiden classic “Futureal”. Blaze’s interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed And Confused” would probably upset your average Led Head. Bluesy in the beginning heavier than expected in the middle and bluesy at the end.

While Bayley often received criticism as Iron Maiden’s front man, it certainly was more in the form of angry Maiden fans that wanted only Bruce Dickinson out front. Bayley as a lead singer in a live setting possesses a strong, projecting voice and an imposing stage presence. “As Live As It Gets” represents Blaze and his band as a group that stands well on their own while still acknowledging their charismatic footman’s important past.

Speed Of Light
Two Worlds Collide (Iron Maiden)
Steel (Wolfsbane)
Kill & Destroy
End Dream
Stare At The Sun
Land Of The Blind
Silicon Messiah
Dazed & Confused (Led Zeppelin cover)

Virus (Iron Maiden)
The Brave
Stranger To The Light
Sign Of The Cross (Iron Maiden)
Futureal (Iron Maiden)
Ghost In The Machine
Born As A Stranger
Tenth Dimension