Brides Of Destruction – Here Come The Brides

Brides Of Destruction – Here Come The Brides

This is one eagerly anticipated CD that has a great deal of hype around it already.  With appearances scheduled on Jay Leno and Craig Kilborn in the coming weeks, the Brides Of Destruction appear poised to make a run at the big time.  Featuring Nikki Sixx and Tracii Guns, you know from the start that the band is well-equipped in the talent department.  Obviously, the wildcards being lead vocalist London LeGrand who, for the most part, holds up his end of the bargain as does drummer Scott Coogan.

If you had a blender, this is what you’d need to come up with this disc:  A mixture of the Sex Pistols, the Wildhearts, Backyard Babies, Demolition 23, D Generation, Shake The Faith, Beautiful Creatures, Corabi-era Motley Crue and Vicious Circle-era L.A. Guns.   Nikki and Tracii have successfully bridged a gap between Crue and Guns without offending older fans although it is obvious they are shooting for a much younger audience with this release (and rightly so).

The lead track “Shut The F*ck Up” is everything I expected from the band:  loud, snotty and full of attitude.  “Natural Born Killers” is a solid hard rocking track that would make an excellent single and is probably the song that best bridges the gap between old and new.

Where the disc lacks a bit is in two parts:  The CD is a little short, although that does leave you wanting more (which is definitely a good thing since there are no filler tracks).  The other part is a couple of modern rock vocal mumblings from London.  This album should be end-to-end p!ssed off anthems of mayhem!!!  Mostly, it delivers, but where it briefly lacks, I just shake my head…the pedigree of Sixx and Guns demand an almost flawless disc in my mind.

Whether the financial backing for these guys is coming from the label or out of Nikki’s own pocket, the Brides Of Destruction offer a potential glimmer of hope for the dead in the water American rock radio airwaves.  It will be interesting to see if they do break if bands such as the Wildhearts (who are now opening for The Darkness) will follow suit.