Chinchilla – The Last Millennium

Chinchilla - The Last Millennium

Chinchilla’s latest CD “The Last Millennium” could easily be overlooked in the flood of quality metal releases that have appeared recently.  Yet, next to the incredible Manowar release, “The Last Millennium” jumps out at you from the very first listen which does not often occur when one is listening to a large amount of new material.  A German power metal release, the band wisely avoids the mid period Helloween style and at times actually sounds closer to early Helloween if Andi Deris was the singer.

”Nighttrain Of Death” and “Father Forgive Me” are the most immediate tracks on the CD and find vocalist Thomas Laasch sounding very much like the before mentioned Mr. Deris.  There is some very serious guitar soloing laced throughout “After The War” courtesy of Udo Gerstenmeyer.  Another asset Chinchilla possesses is the ability to harmonize well with each other as witnessed on “Victim Of The Night”.  About the only minus I can offer is that the band covers Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town”.  AC/DC and Thin Lizzy should be off limits for covers from all bands.  However this minor criticism is no reason to avoid this splendid release as the following track “They Are Liars” immediately gets the band back on track.