Damien Thorne – Sign Of The Jackal

Damien Thorne - Sign Of The Jackal

Back in 1986, I remember hearing Damien Thorne on a local underground metal show in my area.  The band had that classic mid 80’s metal sound, but was unfamiliar to my ears.  I eventually tracked down the cassette and found a band that compared quite well to a favorite of that time for me in Hexx.

In 2005, “Sign Of The Jackal” was reissued with 4 bonus tracks and the disc is a much welcomed improvement over an aged cassette.  These songs stand my personal test of time pretty well recalling bands such as Hexx, Tyrant, Oliver Magnum, and even early Virgin Steele.  The songs are definitely not commercial and thus require more than just a casual listen.

Track Listing:
The Sign Of The Jackal
Fear Of The Dark
The Ritual
Grim Reaper
Hell’S Reign
Escape Or Die
Siren’s Call
Damien’S Procession
Phantoms Of Fire