Damnzal – Damnzal


Damnzal hails from Australia and possesses a sound usually reserved for American punk metal bands.  Fronted by Tania Pennisi, Damnzal delivers the attitude immediately with the snarling “Superstar”.  Immediate comparisons can be drawn to the likes of L7, the Lunachicks and the Cycle Sluts From Hell.  They follow up with a cover of the Runaways “Cherry Bomb” which is rather faithful to the original in its stripped down sound.  “Come On” is a gang vocal raucous rocker that seems to cross Girlschool and Slade with a hint of Joan Jett.

“I Feel Used” is the most laid back song on the disc.  “Sin City” is not an AC/DC cover, rather an original once again more along the lines of L7.  Closing track “Vibrator” sums up the album without much of a description.

If you link through Damnzal’s web site, you can also find more tracks by the group.  What they may lack in originality, they more than make up for in aggression and attitude.  The CD is a rather fun listen and annoying enough to upset someone in the neighborhood.

Track Listing:



Cherry Bomb

Come On

I Feel Used

Sin City

Hey Way