Darkwell – Metatron

Stephanie Luzie has one of those absolutely angelic voices that stands out in a growing field of similar bands within the gothic metal genre.  Darkwell’s latest release “Metatron” is a rather enjoyable listen that swirls into progressive territory at times on the disc.  The lead track “Fate Prisoner” makes for an excellent metal radio single.  “Strange” possesses many progressive elements and steers clear of the gothic tinges.  The title track “Metatron” calls to mind Renaissance meeting the Gathering with its 70’s keyboards and modern rhythms.

“Metatron” does has heavier moments as well such as on “The Machine”, a song that seems to have a bit of a Fates Warning feel to it.  “Nothingness” has hints of Dream Theater and Fates Warning as well.  The most appealing song on the disc is the rather eastern flavored “Last Glance”.

One criticism I have is the drums which sound rather hollow and keep the back end feeling rather flat.  I would be curious to hear what Darkwell could do with a bigger budget.  They seem to have many of the pieces in place but just lack the funding for a smashing release.