Demonlord – Helltrust


Talk about don’t judge a CD by its cover!  Demonlord has all the markings of a black metal release, while tucked neatly inside its slipcase is a solid power metal CD called “Helltrust”.  Demonlord hails from Hungary and is the first release we have received from the country in a long time.

Apparently, the influences of Demonlord appear to be German as their sound falls into the familiar territory of Running Wild, Grave Digger, older Helloween and Swedes Hammerfall.  “Quo Vadis?” possesses the Iron Maiden gallop to go along with the Hammerfall styled vocal choruses.  While it is obvious that English is not their primary language, the songs are still very listenable as the guitars totally shred throughout.  “Ruins In The Dark” features some serious soloing that sparks uncontrollable headbanging.

“Overture To The End” is pure Helloween from the Seven Keys era.  The straight-ahead pacing of “Darkest Place” makes it a strong contender for best track on the disc behind “Ruins In The Dark”.  At track 8, “Still Alive” is the first song to relax the pace as it features an acoustic guitar and vocal.  “Something Arrived” reignites the frantic pace calling to mind the faster tracks of Lost Horizon.

If Demonlord is any indication of what is awaiting us in Hungary in regards to heavy metal music, there is potentially a treasure chest of music to be discovered.