Disillusion – Back To Times of Splendor


Hailing from Germany, Disillusion is the latest export from Europe in the extreme metal scene who prove that our European counterparts are miles ahead of most “aggressive music” bands coming out in the USA.

Musically, Disillusion has taken the recipes of black, death, power, progressive and melodic metal and brewed them into their own cohesive concoction that amazingly works and stands on its own merits.  As close as I can come to an accurate similarity of any sort would have to be the more recent works of Dimmu Borgir and possibly the more adventerous works of Opeth.  The songs are structured as if they were more so mini symphonies with two tracks exceeding 14 minutes.

The lead track “…And The Mirror Cracked” is a fast-paced, aggressive black metal styled track which fails to hint at the diversity the CD possesses until 3 ½ minutes into the song when it suddenly delves into a progressive interlude.

The title tack “Back To The Times Of Splendor” is epic in ways disimilar from Bathory or Rhapsody.  One can imagine the painstaking effort that must have gone into crafting such a diverse volume of music.

”A Day By The Lake” at under 5 minutes seems to be building into a grandiose track when it suddenly cuts off leading into the 17 minute journey entitiled “The Sleep Of Restless Hours”.

While Disillusion is far from my typical listening fare, it challenges the listener enough to take notice of its varying tones and hues of gray, red and black that are presented in this punishing and haunting disc.