Dogpound – The Hellbum

Dogpound – The Hellbum

Dogpound’s “The Hellbum” is a good example of not judging the book by the cover.  I was expecting an alternative progressive borefest by looking at the cover them I get smacked in the face by the killer lead cut “End Of Our Days”.  Relentless drums, powerful guitars and vocals along the lines of a stronger Ted Poley.  “When The World Comes Down” is another heavy rocker that features assured vocals from Hea and Micke’s guitars reminding me of the Scorpions.

At times, Dogpound seems to bridge the impassible abyss of melodic metal and modern rock.  This is especially apparent on the mellower “Way Up High”.  There are times these guys remind me of bastardized cross musically of early Stone Temple Pilots and Sing Sing.  No, I am not on drugs, that is just how it comes across!  “Loser’s On A King’s Throne” is the most glaring example of this hybrid.

One important note is that this disc possesses no pickle in mouth vocals and has solid drumming and bass.  The guitars seems to tune up and down where necessary for Dogpound.  Probably if this style would have occurred in 1993, melodic rock/melodic metal fans would have accepted the change in sound a little more.

Closing track “Welcome To The Mystery” is another pure melodic rock song that displays no modern influences and closes the disc in fine form.

One of the other reviews I read compared these guys to Talisman.  I would say fair comparison in terms well-crafted melodic metal.  These guys have good harmonies and a knack for writing catchy tunes and instilling some modern influences without killing the good vibe.