Elis – Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky

Liechtenstein is the home to Elis who recently released their 2nd CD titled Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky.  The CD is produced by Alexander Krull who also is a member of Leaves’ Eyes which features his wife Liv Kristine on vocals.  Elis blends dramatic metal with hints of gothic metal making for a bountiful listen.

3 songs on the disc are sung in German starting with the lead track Der Letzte Tag (The Last Day), which is a beautifully executed slab of morose metal with the haunting vocals of Sabine Duenser.  Anger is a mid-paced follow up that features the guitar crunch of Pete Streit and Juergen Broger.  The sorrowful beauty of Perfect Love makes it one of the stand out tracks on the disc with Sabrine’s mournful vocals accompanied by a piano and then with a guitars during the choruses.  The beginning of Heart In Chains is accompanied by a gruff male vocal adding to the atmospheric operatic element of the composition.  Die Zeit (The Time) possesses progressive elements tinged with gothic metal leanings.

Devil Inside You opens with a spacey progressive intro before evolving into a heavier gothic metal song.  Are You Missing comes across as a straight ahead rocker that then twists in form with a wicked male vocal thrown in.  Closing track Ballade is also sung in German as Sabrine is accompanied by piano and programmed drum which would have been better left out altogether.

In a sea of dramatic metal releases tinged with goth, Elis offers enough heavy chops and variety to stand high.  Fans of the aforementioned Leaves’ Eyes and bands such as Lacuna Coil and Nightwish will enjoy this release.