Eden’s Fall – Harmony Of Lies

Eden's Fall - Harmony Of Lies

“Harmony Of Lies” by Eden’s Fall is one of those discs that catches you off guard at times when you don’t know what to expect.  Looking at the cover I guessed either thrash or progressive, but what came out was the sinister sounds comparable to Sanctuary and early Nevermore.  The political overtones, and machine gun riffing makes more a most uneasy musical journey.  Hints of thrash are thrown in for good measure in the vocals which also at times recall Sacred Reich and possibly Overkill.

Musically is where the Nevermore comparison resounds.  The song structures are extremely complex as this is not paint by the numbers styled metal.  After awhile so many bands sound alike and it is great to hear a band that expands its horizons and goes for a punishing, yet melodic sound without going for hardcore vocals or meaningless guitar parts.