Everglow – A New Life


The last heavy metal band I can remember coming out of Belgium was FN Guns, so it was with great interest to hear what Everglow had to offer from the Benelux region.  Everglow offers up power metal featuring a female singer by the name of Cindy who along with guitarist Alain had previously played in a death-thrash band called Poseydon.  As with many of the releases we receive from typically non-metal hotspots, Everglow possesses a rather unique twist for the power metal genre.  These twists can be found in Alain’s guitar solos and sound which recalls nobody in particular.  Hints of a gothic vibe at times creep in, but not like bands such as Tristania or After Forever.

“Labyrinth” is a high-octane metallic romp covering musical territory these days that one would be inclined to expect from a black metal band (perhaps a bit like Paradise Lost musically during the “Gothic” era), however Cindy’s vocals are very clean and strong enough to match the speed and heaviness of the music.  “Lost In The Woods” is a frightening song with a rather grim soundtrack within the song.  Alain’s guitars are extremely thick and there is plenty of room for soloing overtop of the enhancing keyboards.  “Like A Shadow” is straight ahead, heavy and atmospheric all at the same time.  “A New Life” is complete high speed shred complimented by Cindy’s vocals being eerily reminiscent at times to the late Dawn Crosby on the first Fear Of God CD.

Closing track “Golden Lion” sounds like it may be a newer song added to this release (it is listed as a bonus track) as it sounds like it was recorded in perhaps a different studio or during a different session.  “Golden Lion” sounds like a cross musically between Running Wild and a much less pompous Rhapsody.  Within the context of the rest of “A New Life” the song sounds out of place.

The biggest barrier in Everglow’s quest for a recording contract may be the fact that they are based out of Belgium which is unfortunate as I believe their material from a CDr alone is worthy of consideration for a deal.  Since we recently received so many exceptional releases out of countries not well known for heavy metal music, we hope that these features open up the ears of some labels to dig deeper for the future leaders of the genre who are offering diverse song structures, guitar sounds and playing techniques that stray well away from many of the “safe and same” releases we receive.