Forgotten Tales – All The Sinners

Forgotten Tales – All The Sinners

Forgotten Tales second release is another disc of splendid melodic symphonic metal.  “Lady Of The Forest” and “All The Sinners” start the proceedings off in fine style with a frantic pace similar to Seven Keys era Helloween.

“Wind Oh Wind” calls to mind Lana Lane’s “Queen Of The Ocean” release with Sonia Pineault’s vocals sounding lush and powerful.  The strength of Forgotten Tales songs can be found in their ability to slow the pace and explore mid-tempo passages as witnessed during the intro to the instrumental “The Message”.  “March For Freedom” is a powerful track with Sonia’s vocals reminding me of Jutta from Zed Yago and Velvet Viper.  The epic “Three Wishes” runs along the lines of Rhapsody.

Throughout the disc Martin Desharnais’ guitar licks are thick and relentless complimented nicely by the keyboards of Frédérick Desroches as witnessed especially on the track “Fairytales”.  Closing track “Magic Fountain” ends the disc with a slick, fast romp.

Fans of Rhapsody, Helloween and artists like Lana Lane will appreciate this finely crafted and extremely well produced album.  “All The Sinners” is an excellent sophomore release.

Track Listing:

The hideaway (1:53)

Lady of the forest (5:00)

All The Sinners (4:02)

Wind Oh Wind (6:09)

The message (4:44)

March for freedom (4:25)

Three wishes (8:47)

Fairytales (5:11)

My soul (6:42)

Magic fountain (4:28)