Gemini Five – Babylon Rockets

Gemini Five’s debut American release “Babylon Rockets” is a burst of futuristic glam, sleaze metal with nods to such bands as the Backyard Babies and Shotgun Messiah.

Opening with “Babylon Rockets” Gemini Five proudly wears their influences on their sleeves as the song is sleazy, gritty and possesses a definite edge.  Guitarist Snoopy has a certain amount of Harry Cody flare to his playing.  “TwentyFourSeven” continues this vibe with its strong choruses.  The cover of Dead Or Alive’s “You Spin Me” is much more 80’s synth-pop influenced than rock.  Vocalist Tin Star sounds quite similar to Johnny Dee of Honeymoon Suite on this track.  ”Myself Esteem” immediately calls to mind Shotgun Messiah’s “Red Hot” while “Get It Off” had certain qualities of “Sexdrugsrock’n’roll” to it.  The similarities between Star’s voice and Tim Skold shine brightly.  “Automaticool” and “Neon Kicks” have more of a Backyard Babies’ swagger to it in regards a more modern sleaze sound.

There are some more laidback moments on the disc as well.  “Hardcore” and “Chemicals Between Us”, while having rough titles, are mellower tracks, all the while very catchy.

One of the better modern sleaze metal releases we have received in awhile, Gemini Five travels a path where the Brides Of Destruction should have went with their debut and follow closely in the footsteps of current sleaze darlings the Backyard Babies.