Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains

Ghost Machinery - Haunting Remains

Haunting Remains by Ghost Machinery is another fine slice of power metal from Finland.  The band is fronted by lead vocalist Pete Ahonen who is the lead guitarist for Burning Point.

Temples Of Gold is a song that Ahonen’s other band rejected and after listening to it, one wonders, why?  The song stands out amongst all the other tracks on this release except for the killer track Down In Flames which sounds like a long lost Fifth Angel song!  Songs such as Evil Within Us have that certain Stratovarius or Thunderstone sound to them.

There is a cover of Gary Moore’s Out In The Fields which oddly features the vocals of Ville Laihiala of Sentenced which I found surprising when I read their bio material as I would not have picked up on that.

Ahonen does a fine job with this release exorcising any of his own inner ghosts that may have been haunting him playing someone else’s material.