Gods Of Fire – Wrath Of The Gods

Gods Of Fire

Gods Of Fire takes the traditional power metal route with “Wrath Of The Gods”.  Lead vocalist Prometheus sounds like a lower-ranged cross between Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson, thus lending itself perfectly for this style of music.  His voice does take some getting used to as he uses various ranges and subtle nuances that are often overlooked these days by most vocalists.

“City Of Gold” possesses elements of early (John Arch) Fates Warning and mid period Iron Maiden.  All the tracks clock in at over 5 minutes long allowing for sufficient song strucutre building and soloing.  Blood Sacrifice and Saucy Jack keep their guitars tuned towards traditional power metal.  “The Long Walk” is Gods Of Fire epic track.  Timing in at almost 10 minutes, the track criss-crosses the varying ranges of speed and emotion.  Definitely, the stellar standout track on the disc.

Wrath Of The Gods is not as immediate and over-produced as your typical 00’s power metal release.  Gods Of Fire have crafted a release that is not “paint-by-the-numbers” music so to speak.  Multiple listens unlocked the vault to this dynamic disc and reward the listener with a powerul American epic metal album.