Icarus Witch – Capture The Magic

Coming off a stellar debut EP, Icarus Witch returns to ride upon the momentum they built with “Icarus Witch”.  “Capture The Magic” is a worthy follow-up release that finds the band stretching their musical talents across a 9 song release.

Upon first hearing “Storming The Castle” I thought the band had snatched up James Rivera (Helstar, Seven Witches) for the lead vocals.  Vocalist Matthew Bizilia nails the Rivera phrasings to perfection as he had on “Winds Of Atlantis” from their first release.  “Soothsayer” is a eerie, creepy track that has a variety of moods and tempos throughout.  “Forevermore” hints at times at late 80’s Fates Warning, however it is not until the following track that Frank X. Aresti of the aforementioned band makes the first guest appearance of the disc.  “The Ghost Of Xavier Holmes” is a slower-paced, brooding yet deliberate track that picks up the pace into the solo break.  Comparisons to Artch and Iron Maiden can be drawn on “Darklands” which possesses hints of both bands vocally and the songs pacing.

Steve Pollick is up to the task of creating some most interesting riffs and solos throughout the disc.  “Awakening The Mountain Giants” comes off particularly intricate and is indicative of the complex material throughout.

The Ozzy cover of S.A.T.O. features Mr. Scary himself George Lynch on guitar.  As expected, Lynch shreds the daylights out of the song and has me longing for the glory days of his old band.

With “Capture The Magic”, Icarus Witch has definitely not taken the safe route of 9 straight-ahead power metal songs.  Structure wise, these songs are much more challenging to both the band and the listener.  This release is definitely not instantly gratifying ear candy.  Repeated listens are the best way to capture the full ambience and allure of the album.

Track Listing:

1. Storming The Castle

2. Capture The Magic

3. Soothsayer

4. Forevermore

5. The Ghost Of Xavier Holmes feat. Frank X. Aresti (of Fates Warning)

6. Darklands

7. Nemeton Forest

8. Awakening The Mountain Giants

9. S.A.T.O. feat. George Lynch