Ignitor – Take To The Sky

Ignitor – Take To The Sky

Ignitor is a female-fronted power metal band from Texas.  The band members come from a variety of other bands.  Guitarist Stuart Laurence was a member of Agony Column, Beverly Barrington came from T.A.N.G., Pat Doyle from The Offenders, bassist Brendon Bigelow also plays with Death Of Millions and Erika Swinnich, who previously fronted the Dark Symphonies label gothic metal band Autumn Tears.

Lead track “Demon Slayer” is a pure metal romp that features gritty Leather Leone type vocals along with Halford range screams courtesy of Erika.  “Execution” and “Grey Ghost” has the mid 80’s power/thrash metal vibe to it that would have been home to groups such as Chastain.  “Take To The Sky” is an excellent song that sings the praises of METAL and possesses a relentless Judas Priest snarl.  “The Last King Tiger” screams straight-ahead power metal.  Closing track “Lean Mean Leather Machine” possesses a cocky swagger and confident attitude.

In reading other reviews of the band, I have seen vocal comparisons to Barbara Maltese (Maltese) and Nicole Lee (Znowhite) which is great to read as at least some folks reviewing this disc have a  true understanding of the genre.

“Take To The Sky” if definitely one of my favorite releases we received this past year.  If you like your metal straight ahead sans any overblown synthesizers or vocal choirs, this is definitely a release well-worth purchasing.  While we do not assign any kind of grades to releases, “Take To The Sky” rates an A+ / 100% in my book.

Track Listing:

1. Demon Slayer

2. Execution

3. Grey Ghost

4. Take To The Sky

5. The Last King Tiger

6. Lean Mean Leather Machine