Iron Fire – On The Edge

Iron Fire - On The Edge

Release number two by Iron Fire, On The Edge,  finds the band sticking to their traditional power metal roots that made their debut CD Thunderstorm such an international success.  The band sounds nothing like Denmark best known heavy metal band Pretty Maids, but they are on an equal plane in regards to releasing quality material.

Martin Steene’s higher pitched, whiny vocals would actually sound great fronting a glam metal band as his voice is quite comparable to Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd!  Steene could be the first “sleaze power metal” vocalist, however, there are no such songs on this CD.  Opener “On The Edge” is all a power metal fan could ask for…dualing high speed guitars courtesy of Kristian Hegelund Martinsen and Martin Slott.  At times there are slight similarities to Running Wild without the gallop. This is especially apparent on “Forever Evil”.  The catchy “Prince Of Agony” would make an excellent internet radio single.  “Thunderspirit” has the upbeat qualities of Hammerfall.  Iron Fire is wise enough to have variances to their style as not to get pegged as a Helloween or Gamma Ray clone.

If “On The Edge” had been released around 1987, Iron Fire could have bridged the popularity gap between pop metal and power metal in the USA.  As it is, Noise Records has found a band that shines over many others in a growing crowd of melodic power metal bands.