Ivory Knight – Unconscience

Unconscience is the latest release from Canadians Ivory Knight.  The disc is produced by Annihilator leader Jeff Waters and he has done a solid job with the overall sound on this release.

Lead track Up From The Ashes has a bit or an Iron Maiden meets Fifth Angel sound to it.  Perhaps this is due to the vocal similarities of John Devadasan Perinbam to Ted Pilot of Fifth Angel.  The gallop of Borderline sounds like a cross between Artch and Armored Saint with Perinbam sounding similar to John Bush on this track.  The fingerprints of Waters seem as if they may come into play on Holy Martyr with its more technical flavored guitar playing.  Unconscience starts with 40 seconds of guitar flash Rob Gravelle which develops into a straight ahead power metal romp that also includes a female soprano interlude from out of nowhere.

Ivory Knight heads into progressive territory on Introspective which features an organ accompaniment.  Once again Perinbam’s vocals call to mind John Bush on this track.  Any song with a title as cool as In The Fog I Walk has got to be good.  With an extremely eerie (or foggy) introduction, the song evolves into a straight ahead heavy metal track.  Perinbam gives his voice on good workout on Theater Of The Insane with some serious screams on this track which also recalls Artch.  The closing track Waiting For Tomorrow is divided into three parts;  the heavy Someone’s Calling, the subdued In Eternal Silence and the heavy finish One Life To Live.

Jeff Waters has definitely helped Ivory Knight without making the release a solo album recorded by someone else.  With virtually no influence of Annihilator on the disc, Ivory Knight stands strong on their own merits on this release.