Jezabel – Legiones Del Sur

Jezabel – Legiones Del Sur

Jezabel’s second release is a powerful blast of Helloween / Gamma Ray inspired power metal.  Lead vocalist Leandro is a dead ringer for classic Michael Kiske except for the vocals being in Spanish.  With the recent glut of Spanish language releases we have received, it is becoming much easier to enjoy the releases.

Musically, “Alas De Acero” is a pure metal stormer with some tasty guitar work courtesy of Nestor and Diego, not to mention some fancy underlying bass provided by Gustavo (who may be the unsung hero of this release with some amazing bass runs throughout).  Omar’s keyboards are complimentary to the guitars and drummer Guillermo keeps a solid beat to hold up the backbone.

“Signes (10 X)” sounds the way bands like Heavenly should sound but often fail to do so.  The melodies are crisp and the guitars are powerful.  Once again Gustavo’s bass playing stands out as well.  (As does his 2 minute bass solo “Fe”).  The epic title track “Legiones Del Sur” calls to mind classic Gamma Ray.

“Miro Atras” features some chamber music styled keyboards.  Closing track “Imagen Del Mundo” is as close to a ballad as you find on this release.

In light of the other Spanish releases we have seen, I would have to say Jezabel rates ahead of Mago de Oz and right up there with Tierra Santa.  Considering how much the band improved over “A Todo O Nada” (which included some gorgeous packaging) future releases should be even better.