Kamelot – Karma

Kamelot - Karma

“Karma” is the masterpiece that Kamelot has shown to have the potential for since their debut CD “Eternity” 6 years ago.  Marking their prolific 5th studio release (and 6th overall), “Karma” sees the band release an album with a great potential for international breakout appeal.

“Forever” and “Wings Of Despair” are exquisite, fast paced songs featuring the power vocals of lead singer Khan.  Khan sounds like a much younger Don Dokken with a full, rich voice possessing a wide dynamic range.  Throughout Karma, Khan’s vocals, whether low and soft or high and powerful are essential to the overall performance of the band.

Thomas Youngblood fires off precise riffs that are full of spontaneous energy and are very fresh and exciting.  “Don’t You Cry” is a stripped down piece utilizing acoustic guitar and symphonic instrumentation.  The keyboards on the Karma work as a great enhancement to the music, layered low enough below the guitars never to dominate the songs.  Title track “Karma” offers an intricate mix of power progressive and classical symphonic music with haunting backing vocals. The beautiful finale “Elizabeth” breaks down into 3 parts “Mirror Mirror”, “Requiem For The Innocent” and “Fall From Grace”.

”Karma” is Kamelot’s most adventurous body of work to date offering a diverse mixture of progressive, symphonic and power metal.  Producers Sascha Paeth and Miro are to be commended for giving Kamelot a fantastic ambience and highly professional sound.