Kelly Keagy – Time Passes

Kelly Keagy – Time Passes

Vocalist and drummer Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) delivers a strong array of rockers and ballads on his solo release “Time Passes” and is backed by a star-filled lineup of melodic rock musicians.

Straight ahead rocker “Anything Goes” (slight Sandman feel) raspy vocals, heavier than much of his Night Ranger vocal contributions. This style continues into the hard rocking “Acid Rain”.  The ballad “Too Much To Ask” is more in the vein of Night Ranger’s “Sentimental Street”.

“Time Passes” features Night Ranger members Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson on guitars and Jack Blades provides his bass and songwriting talents on “Acid Rain” and “Anything Goes”.

The tracks “Acid Rain”, “Before Anybody Knows”, To Close To the Sun”, “the Journey” Where There is A Woman” and “Too Much To Ask” were written or co-written by Jim Peterik (Survivor). Peterik’s writing skills are always an asset to any release and for “Times Passes” this is no exception. I would love to see Peterik reunite with Frankie Sullivan for a new Survivor CD.

Former Night Ranger member Gary Moon sings a hard hitting duet with Keagy on “Wrong Again” a rousing rocker that has a Thin Lizzy or even mid period Bon Jovi groove to it. “Wrong Again” could be a sleeper single / AOR radio track from any adventureous programmer directors.

“Where There Is A Woman” is the type of power ballad that Keagy is famous for in Night Ranger’s prime. “The Journey” has hints of .38 Special’s “Second Chance”. (A band Peterik has written for as well).

Fans of Night Ranger and melodic rock in general should embrace this CD wholeheartedly as it features a diverse selection of hard rock and quality melodic musicianship.