King Diamond – The Puppet Master

King Diamond – The Puppet Master

The master of macabre storytelling King Diamond returns with the CD “The Puppet Master”, which tell another macabre tale from “the nightmares of a sick child”.  Lead track “Midnight is a slower, plodding track, with a rather doomy ambiance about it.  “The Puppet Master” picks up the pace as is reminiscent of his mid 80’s material as is the sinister “Magic”.

“Blue Eyes” is a story that could be representative of many a child’s worst nightmares.  Read the lyrics and recall your own childhood nightmares!

“The Ritual” finds King singing in a lower register and he ends up sounding quite similar to fellow shock master Alice Cooper.  “Blood To Walk” once again finds King sticking to less extreme wails than in the past, yet the voice is distinct against others.  “Living Dead” possesses King’s signature vocal attitude and snarl.

“Darkness” is very ominous and offers little chance of hope for the “Unfortunate Man”, the lead character of the story.  Closing track “Living Dead” insures no happy ending to this tale.

As usual the guitars are crisp and true to the King Diamond / Mercyful Fate style provided by Andy La Rocque and Mike Wead.  Older fans of his previous material will be pleased that musically they have stayed the course of melodic metal.  With his ability to continually craft tales of disturbing spoken imagery, King Diamond always leaves the door open for new generations of fans. “The Puppet Master” delivers another lethal dose of this grim storytelling.  Anyone who has ever found the art of puppetry a bit disturbing will be even more upset after listening to this disc!