Last Tribe – The Uncrowned

Last Tribe - The Uncrowned

“The Uncrowned” by Last Tribe mixes a variety of metal sub-genres from power to progressive.  Vocalist Rickard Bengtsson calls to mind Blaze Bayley with a more melodic vocal quality.  The vocal harmonies on the choruses are huge and really make this release all the more enjoyable.

Musically, Last Tribe calls to mind the style incorporated by Denmark’s Pretty Maids on their more successful releases and at times fellow Swedes Dream Evil (sans the keyboards).  Magnus Karlsson handles the both the guitars and keyboards and meshes a whirlwind of riffs into metallic bliss.

Hard-nosed proggers probably will not be as allured by this disc as fans of straight ahead power metal will be.  Classy, glossy and powerful without the pretentious progressive elements.