Legion – Shadow Of The King

Legion – Shadow Of The King

Legion hits a home run with their CD release “Shadow Of The King”, a basic, no frills American heavy metal romp.  Lead track “Shadow Of The King” finds vocalist Mike Bunk sounding like a cross between Krokus’ Marc Storace and White Wolf’s Don Wilk.

“Illusion” has a similar drum sound to that of Motley Crue’s “Shout At The Devil” release.  This excellent sound and style provided by Collin Bianchi works well within this CD and should serve as a notice to major label bands who release material with the cardboard box drum sound.  This is what drums are supposed to pound like!!!  “The Watcher” possesses a similar style to the more epic tracks of Ronnie James Dio and Blue Murder on their first release.

The Adamo brothers (Joe and Frank) provide the guitars that are direct, to the point and never overblown.  Legion definitely comes off as a group effort as opposed to someone’s overblown vision.  On “Deny Yourself” the riffs and solos are firey, while Bunk’s vocals start hitting a bit higher and harder.

Once again on “Medicine Man” I can’t compliment Bianchi’s drum sound enough.  Considering the breadth of releases we receive, very few bands seem to care to have a thundering drum sound that comes off realistic and not studio triggered.

“Colors” really allows Bunk’s vocal abilities to shine in the midst of this mellower, but still heavy track.  Closing track “Stay Away” (From The Night) is a nearly 10 minute gallop that allows the Adamo’s to highlight their musical chops.

“Shadow Of The King” impressed the staff here enough to warrant an overall second listen after the first (on a Saturday night to boot!).  With this fickle bunch, that is unusual, hence our overall impression of this release is most positive.