Manowar – The Lord Of Steel (Hammer Edition)

The very controversial Manowar release “The Lord Of Steel” (Hammer Edition) draws extreme praise and damnation from longtime fans.

The biggest complaint universally with respect to the album is the constant bass buzz courtesy of Joey DeMaio.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the album receives great phrase for having songs that recall the glory daze of Manowar.

“El Gringo” is probably to best Manowar individual track since “Wheels Of Fire”. ┬áThe song oozes Manowar machismo and ego, which if you are a fan of the band, you come to expect.

“The Lord Of Steel”, “Manowarriors” and “Born In A Grave” are solid tracks and stick with you rather quickly.

Overall, “The Lord Of Steel” (Hammer Edition) is not going to convert skeptics into fans, and, mostly like will not draw in too many new fans with the peculiar mix.