Manowar – Warriors Of The World


Manowar returns with a new label (Metal Blade) and a new CD in Warriors Of The World that is destined to be one of the top metal releases of 2002 and possibly one of the finest moments of their legendary career.  The pure power heroics of “Call To Arms” open the CD and immediately assure the listener that this is the same Manowar that has delivered consistent releases for 20 years.  “The Fight For Freedom” is a patriotic song dedicated to those who suffered loss on September 11th.  This theme all carries on into “An American Trilogy”.  “Nessum Dorma”, which is sung in Italian and dedicated to Eric’s late mother, is a monumental song in terms of overall ability displayed by the band.

The final 4 tracks of the CD rank among the finest songs Manowar has ever recorded, include the first single “Warriors Of The World Unite”, “Hand Of Doom”, House Of Death” and “Fight Until We Die”.   These songs are so good they are worthy to be included amongst the bands greatest songs such as “Blood Of My Enemies”, “Bridge Of Death” and “Defender”.  Manowar self-produced this CD and if they ever lay down the swords should seriously consider becoming guns for hire.  The sound quality of this disc is stunning and can even make a bad sound system sound good (before the speakers are blown to hell!)

While 6 years between studio releases is much too long a wait, Manowar has presented us with a CD that far exceeds expectations.  From power metal majesty to epic ballads, Manowar live up to their billing of “The Kings Of Metal” once again.