Medusa – Etherias

Medusa – Etherias

Medusa’s second release “Etherias” is a most unique release in that the band shows no obvious influences from Western bands or other metal bands throughout Europe.  This unique quality is most apparent in the structure of the songs.  The bizarre time changes and guitars (especially during the solo) on “The Opened Window” will at first leave you puzzled, but after a few listens (like the overall CD) you will come to appreciate Medusa’s ability to craft different songs than you are used to hearing.

Musically, Medusa features Olivier Delestre on lead vocals and guitar.  At first, his voice takes a little getting used to, but not in a bad sense.  Delestre’s vocals are so unique that you find yourself wondering who you could compare him to and by that time, another song has passed.  The closest I could come to in terms of delivery alone would be Dolores from The Cranberries.

Delestre’s guitar tones he uses on the guitar solos are simply amazing.  Spreading across all genres of music, I can’t think of any band except maybe Spectre who has ever used a similar guitar effect for solos.  Another band who may be an off the wall comparison musically would be Deathslayer (New York).  And even that is a major reach.

Overall, the CD is too tough to review because all comparisons have to be thrown out the window.  Consider “Etherias” to be an intelligently crafted heavy metal CD that is not polluted by any popular influences whatsoever.  There are heavy parts and subdued parts, all of which fit perfectly well in unison with each other.  For those folks who think nothing new can come from the metal genre, they should give this disc a serious listen.

I would be most interested to know who Medusa considers to be influences or even what bands the members listen to, because it sure seems like I never heard any of them.  “Ehterias” requires multiple listens as it is by no means an immediate CD.  “Etherias” clocks in at around 74 minutes and is a bizarre journey through the mind of some incredibly thorough musicians.