Nicollette Knight – Nicollette Knight

Nicollette Knight

The influx of female hard rockers in the past several months is a good sign for fans of this particular genre.  Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Nicollette Knight has the complete package; she’s a classically trained musician, possesses an excellent voice and has the drop-dead gorgeous looks to capture anyone’s attention.  She has released a six song demo in hopes of finding a major recording deal.

“Youth Of Today” sounds like a combination of the Big Bang Babies and Pretty Boy Floyd.  The track is upbeat, rocks and is full of infectious hooks.  The ballad “Sing For Me” showcases Nicollette’s strong vocal prowess and has a combination of innocence and sultriness within the song.

My favorite track on the release goes to “Fast, Free & Dangerously” which celebrates the joys of youth.  Along with a tongue in cheek line or two, the song features some excellent straight ahead guitars and is totally a summer, windows down, radio turned up kind of song.

Nicollette offers up three covers on her debut release.  The obviously two being “I Love Rock N Roll” made famous by Joan Jett and “Kids In America” by Kim Wilde and later covered by The Muffs on the Clueless soundtrack.  The third cover is “Hear You Say” originally done by the Big Bang Babies.  Thus, the connection is made to the co-producer of this disc none other than the infamous hired gun of the melodic metal circle Mr. Keri Kelli.

Nicollette is playing her cards right going with only six songs instead a full-length release to get label attention and hiring a respected publicist in the industry in Rhonda Saenz.  Also, working with Kelli who has a knack for hook-filled, well-crafted songs and  whose talents are often in demand can only assist in the maturation process of Nicollette as a writer and a musician.  Definitely, a most promising demo that hopefully will garner some label attention.

Track Listing:
Youth Of Today
Hear You Say
I Love Rock N Roll
Fast, Free & Dangerously
Sing For Me
Kids In America