Operatika – Dreamworld

Operatika is a 5-piece female fronted band from New York who has released a 4-track disc titled “Dreamworld”.  Vocalist Slava Popova bears a striking vocal resemblance to former Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen.  While this comparison can be made, musically, Operatika takes a heavier, more straight-ahead approach to their music.  Lead track “Dreamworld” not only features Slava’s gorgeous lush vocals, but some serious guitars riffs and solos from Bill Visser.

“Gladiator” is a Helloween-paced melodic speed metal romp that bears a much stronger comparison to similar Italian and German symphonic power metal bands than to gothic influenced groups.  Closing track, “The Calling” is another full out blazing track with an unexpected break towards the end before the final closing fury.

From visiting other sites, I have noticed that Operatika have been the openers for some of the better quality metal shows in the New York City area.  In my opinion, it won’t be long before a metal-based label picks up Operatika at hopefully starts to further the nurturing process.

Vocals: Slava Popova

Guitars: Bill Visser

Keyboards: Anna

Drums: Yuri Liakhovitch

Bass: Stan Folcik